Thursday, February 15, 2007

We have one sick named Maggie!

We have settled on Maggie!!! This morning when I woke up at five minutes to five, she was hacking up what I thought was literally a lung. She was wheezing, coughing, and actually blowing little snot bubbles. It was cute for about half a second, then (what I hope will be) a strong paternal instinct kicked in and I was worried that our little ball of energy wouldn't make it to day three. I sometimes write little love notes to Nadja on our refrigerator's dry erase board, and this mornings was allllll Maggie related. We made our free appointment (compliments of adopting through the Humane Society) and took her in to see the doc. After nearly an hour and a pretty thorough exam, he said he thought that it was a combination of a viral and bacterial respiratory infection. He also said he thought it was entirely sinus related and with some antibiotics and time should get better within two weeks. For the heavy, sleep interrupting cough, he gave us a suppressant that should help quite a bit...we'll see. The potty training is going exceedingly well. She's already starting to tell us when it's time by either crying softly while circling, or by going and standing by the back door. I'm am SO hoping that we'll be done with this in a couple of weeks, I'm already tired of stalking her through the house waiting for the squat. If anyone has any advice for nurturing the middle dog child, I'm all ears. Hannah is 4, Shadow is 10, and Hannah is having a harder time adjusting. Shadow gets all maternal and protective of Maggie if Hannah barks at her. Hannah is definetely subordinate to Shadow and so obeys almost all commands Shadow puts out. She definetely plays more when Shadow isn't in the room to interfere, but we can't keep the 3 of them segregated at every play time!

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