Friday, February 16, 2007

Bureacracy ruins yet another surprise...

As I am right now working from 6 am to 2:30 pm on a remodel at a local grocery store I find it has some conveniences. One being an early quitting time to run errands, but more importantly, that if we need something for that night or next morning, the only stop I make is on my way out to the truck. Today I decided to surprise Nadja at work with a single red rose, a card, some healthy at-desk snacks, and Maggie. The rose, card, and snacks went over well, but the puppy was not allowed by policy. In my haste to surprise my darling fiancee, I overlooked bureacracy. While being absolutely understanding and gracious about the whole thing, Nadja's boss let us know that animals of any kind (except for official assistance, I'm assuming) are not allowed in any building on the grounds. The same goes for children apparently too now, a recent development. After getting doted on at Nadja's office, Maggie then headed to the bank where she received oohs, aahs, and a drive-thru tube doggie bone. After a quick stop at my parents' to pick up a greatly appreciated dinner for Nadja and I and much love for Maggie, we were off yet again. This time to the same Humane Society from which she came to pick up Maggie's antibiotics for her sinus infection. She was well worn out from all of this love and travel and quickly fell asleep in my lap on the drive home. I know, she should be protected, but I find that I drive much more carefully if I have her with me (even though I know they don't call them accidents for nothing). She was coughing so much last night that I think I was lucky to have gotten 3 hours of sleep. It's only 8:12, and we're already in the get-ready-for-bed process. Thankfully Maggie seems to be quickly taking to potty training, though I'm sure it's not said and done for at least a couple of weeks.

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Maggie said...

What a sweet girl you have - and this is from one Maggie to another!!! I can't wait to read more of Maggie's adventures!