Thursday, March 22, 2007

Longer, Taller, yet still somehow sweet....

So Maggie is growing quickly and occasionally overnight. Saturday morning I swear she'd grown 2 inches longer and at least an inch taller. Nadja agreed. She is nearly Hannah's size, but has 3 times the attitude. Why is it that the smaller the dog the bigger the attitude? They have NO idea they're small. Just this afternoon, she was right there in the corner of the yard yapping her growing head off at a huge dog walking past. This is always done with what has become a familiar mantra at our end of the block; my screaming at them "Oh, shut up! No one cares what you think!!!" This gets chuckles from dog walking neighbors and odd "Get the man a straight-jacket" looks from bus-waiters (we have a stop in front of the house). Maggie is a digger, we were too last now we have lots of dirt...I mean mud for her to play with. For those who've lost count...we now have 12, yes count them, 12 paws to clean and dry now. Stupid or crazy? But, we're in love. As much with our three 'daughters' as with each other. It makes you do crazy things. Like bring new furniture into the house (see houseblog). As far as Maggie is concerned, life is great. She is the single most affectionate spirit I've ever come into physical or ethereal contact with, hands-down. She has all the kisses in the world for anyone who'll accept them be they white, black, orange or green, two or four legged. She is also entering into the wonderful "2 year old phase". For those who've forgotten...she's starting to challenge authority. On that note I'll say that I'm incredibly happy that we made the puppy decision before we had kids...well before. I'd need lots of good drugs otherwise.

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